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Our 7 Step Process

  1. Fill out the form online and fill us in on what you would like renovate.
  2. Phone consultation- a scheduled 30 minute call to discuss an overview of the project, determine if we are a good fit and review bracket expenses.
  3. On-site consultation (starting at $585) helps get a good lay of the land, allows you and I to visualize the project together and allows us to start developing a scope of work. We will identify potential needs that we didn't think of over the phone and really get a chance to meet each other before entering into a full contract. I like to call this our first date.
  4. Signing of the contract and collecting a deposit allows us to get your project on the schedule. The value of your project may still change after the design but all will be worked out before construction.
  5. Design is where we dive into the layout, get structural engineering completed, pull together all selections and really have fun planning your project.
  6. Build- This is where your project manager steps in with our team of skilled professionals to protect the site and Begin working on your project.
  7. Enjoy! Sit back and enjoy your new space!