Do you Sub it out?

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Do you Sub it out?

Why do we use trade partners, aka “subcontractors”, to accomplish our projects?

A trade partner is another company that specializes in a specific trade who we have partnered with on our projects.  A very common question we are asked is if we will complete the project with our “in-house” employees or if we “Sub” it out.  While I am no mind reader, I think people tend to ask this question for 1 of 2 reasons…

  1. They are worried that using trade partners will lead to extended time frames and unnecessary expenses.  


  1. They are concerned about the overall quality of the project if more than one crew does the work.  

Let me try to put your mind at ease next time your contractor says we “Sub it out”  

Here at Remodeling Right our main reason we use  trade partners is the fact that they do this specific job or task every day which makes them more efficient at what they do and able to produce an overall better quality product.  We like to say that you don’t want your framer installing your tile or your painter finishing your plumbing.  

For some it may be obvious but for the sake of this article let me break down a few specifics that homeowners should be aware of.  

  • Certain trades like electrical, plumbing and HVAC require their own license and insurance.  Only a licensed technician is allowed to pull these special permits and have the knowledge and experience to make sure their equipment is installed properly.  
  • When taking control of a full project as a general contractor, utilizing trade partners can allow the project to have multiple aspects of your renovation be accomplished concurrently.  This can help prevent delays and allows the renovation to stay on schedule.  
  • All of our trade partners are required to carry their own liability insurance and sign a “subcontractor agreement” which helps spread the liability across the board in case there was ever an issue that arose.  This means multiple layers of protection for the homeowner to correct potentially defective work or issues.  

Overall quality assurances go up when dealing with trade partners versus direct employees.  Typically a trade partner has been established and vetted by their general contractor.  This means they have been in the business with a proven track record of quality work.   As a general contractor located in Portsmouth RI, we have built this network of trade partners that are vetted and ready to work on your next dream project.  

Another great aspect of utilizing trade partners is that it allows the General Contractor to focus on project management, overseeing the entire renovation (schedules, budgets, quality), coordinating different trades and ensuring the project stays on track!  If you are in the market for a remodel of any size, it’s best to interview your General contractor to make sure their values align with yours and most likely their trade partners will honor and follow similar values.