At Remodeling Right we take what we do very seriously. That is why we work hard every day to ensure that we produce a product and deliver a service that is both durable and esthetically pleasing. By achieving this we feel that we are in a perfect position to create unique, beautiful pieces of furniture and fittings for any sized home or business.

One of the main lessons that we have learned over the years we have been operating as an elite level carpentry team is that each of our clients is different. It is this acknowledgement that each person, as well as each home, has unique characteristics and qualities that need to be harnessed that has led us to develop a service that fulfills all the requirements of a quality carpentry service without compromising or sacrificing any of the strength and durability of the furniture and carpentry work we create.

Client-First Approach

At Remodeling Right we are acutely aware that providing a high-quality customized woodworking service is only half the battle. It is for this reason that we go to such extreme lengths to ensure that our customer service is to the highest possible standard as well. By offering competitive prices, convenient opening hours, and an all-inclusive customer response unit, we feel that we provide our clients with a convenient and trusted level of customer care that may be envied by many but rivaled by very few.

Custom Bookcases

We specialize in designing, creating and even fitting a wide range of bookcases, studies and libraries. A book case or library is the perfect way of maximizing space while also adding an extra layer to an underused study, utility or spare room. On top of that our bookshelves are perfectly practical solution for storage issues and for de-cluttering a messy or untidy room. In brief, there is no home that wouldn’t benefit from choosing a bookcase from Remodeling Right. Call us today and let us take care of the rest.

Custom Storage

Tired of clutter, lets talk about unique ways to store all of your overflow. We can add cedar lined storage closets, well designed walk-ins, under bed storage or even garage organization. While we dont do the actual organizing of your stuff we do help the idea factory and would love to see your space. If you’re in need of some custom storage ideas contact us today to schedule your on-site consultation.

Custom Feature Walls

Have you ever wanted that wow factor when you walk into your home? A custom feature wall will leave your guests in awe and you with an overwhelming sense of pride. Send us your pintrest board or instagram reel and lets talk about how to make your Dream come true. Our team of professionals will take your inspiration and make it a reality.